Feb 162012

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I really don’t like carrots. I have never and quite probably will never try this soup.


However, Raj has made it for us before and many people have said it is delicious.


Raj also made…well, I’m not entirely sure the proper name. He left a pan in the cooler with a note asking us to ‘please bake these…’, but the paper got wet.  I couldn’t make out what he called them and he’s off work today.  They’re a potato dumpling, like gnocchi only bigger…about the size of a baseball and filled with meat. I had to leave this morning before they were baked off and usually when Raj makes something new they just fly out of the shop.


So I have a proposition for you. Today only…come in and try one of those big dumplings  (maybe with a bowl of that soup) and post a comment on here (or facebook or twitter) and we’ll give you 100/gr of the smoked turkey breast we have on sale this week the next time you come in.





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